Film Inspired T Shirts

From Predator to The Lost Boys, our Film inspired collection of original designs showcase an array of cool movie shirts. All mens film t shirts come in an action packed trailer of sizes and colours.

If you love The Thing or Dirty Dancing, then there is something to suit. Our womens lady-fit movie shirt styles are flattering to your body shape.

If you have a little cherub in your life, the range of film tees for kids will make them look as cool as you. Our mens, womens and kids sized film themed hoodies, complete the set.

Britpop T Shirts

No UK based shirt store would be cool without bowing down before The Gods of Britpop. From Blur to Oasis, our mens Britpop t shirts will get you all the attention you desire.

Our womens shirts come fitted, so your ladies britpop tees will look their best whether you are rocking Pulp or The Stone Roses.

Of course the collection wouldn't be complete without kids shirts inspired by britpop, or our stunning new range of Unisex Britpop Hoodies and tote shopper bags.

Punk T Shirts

We have a great selection of Punk T Shirts at My Icon. Our mens punk tshirt designs come in a wide range of colours and sizes. You'll find everything from The Ramones and Richard Hell, through to The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers.

Our Womens Punk Tees come in a lady-fit style that spark like Blondie and rage like Patti Smith.

We've also expanded our range to include punk shirts for kids as well as some awesome Punk Hoodies. For the cool shoppers out there, our range of Punk inspired Tote Bags look fantastic and are great value.

Rock T Shirts

From the world of Music, our inspired Rock T Shirts pay homage to the greats. From The Foo Fighters to The Jam, our rock shirts for men are a statement of intent on your chest.

Our ever expanding range of rock inspired womens tees feature everyone from QOTSA to The Kinks. With so many sizes and colours to choose from, your chest of drawers will soon be bursting at the seams.

If you want your children to look as cool as you, then our kids rock tees are the perfect solution. What youth doesn't look great wearing Lynyrd Skynyrd. We also have rock music hoodies in adults and kids sizes.


Blur T Shirt
Mens Film Shirt
Mens Rock Shirt
Retro Kids Shirt

Mens Britpop T Shirt

One of the two pillars of Britpop, Blur produced a string of classic rock hits. Tipping our cap to Damon Albarn's song about Tracy Jacks, this illustration comes on mens, womens & kids shirts, hoodies and Tote Bags.

Film Inspired T Shirt

Cult film, Wayne's World, gave birth to a sequel. This in turn let Woodstock give birth to Waynestock and the rest is history.

This mens film shirt has a distressed print for the truly retro feel.

Mens Rock Shirt

Classic rock band The Byrds, thrilled audiences in the Sixties with their blend of psychedelic folk rock that would inspire many bands to follow.

This Mens Rock Shirt comes in a huge range of colours.

Retro Kids T Shirt

Retro fashion will never die at My Icon. This kids t shirt reminds us of our own childhood, when us kids rocked the coolest bmx bikes in town.

Of course we also stock this in adults sizes for the young at heart.

Horror Film Shirt
Mens Punk Shirt
Rock Tee For Women
Kids Science T Shirt

Horror Film Shirt

Inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing, this mens film shirt shows of a love that only true fans of the horror genre know.

It's great when what you wear is your own little secret ... or is it?

Punk Shirt for Men

Gabba Gabba Hey. The Brudders were the coolest punk outfit around.

This Ramones Punk Shirt not only comes on a mens tee, but we also print onto Ladies, Kids and Punk style Hoodies.

Rock Tee for Women

Nothing says original Rock & Roll like this womens Woodstock festival music inspired t-shirt.

We also have a full range of unique modern rock shirts in all sizes.

Cool Kids Shirt

From geek chic to just loving the heck out of all things science, this kids slogan t shirt is an instant classic.

With original illustrations of all things lab, this kids tee design also comes in adults sizes and unisex hoodies.